Anne-Marie Restoration

This is my Blog as a record of the restoration of the WW2 barge Anne-Marie

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Clearing the Hold

The first major task was to clear out the hold completely so that we had a blank canvas to work from. To date we have filled six large (6m3) skips, all of which have been located 250m away and have had to be filled using a small trolley to carry the waste. Despite hardly knowing where to start, the following photo's show some of the progress in clearing out.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Conversion Work Begins

Work on the Anne-Marie has begun in earnest and the plan shows the final layout. We are completely clearing out the hold and then will begin rebuilding the self-contained flat in the front third of the barge. The following are photo's showing the state of the hold before any work has been started.

The way into the hold

At the bottom of the stairs (looking aft)

The room to the right of the corridor (note the collapsed ceiling!)

The old coal boiler (still works)

More devastation

The self-contained flat

The flat's shower room

Monday, March 13, 2006

Before we begin

This is the barge Anne-Marie as she is currently moored at West Quay, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex. She is a relic from WW2 when she was probably used to carry water. She has been moored in her current location since 1948 and has been periodically lived in since then. Lynda and myself live aboard her in the upper section, the hold having been destroyed by a water leak several years ago. We have decided to completely renovate the barge and convert the huge hold area into bedrooms and a self-contained flat for renting out.